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The Noble New Corporation
TNN is a boutique enterprise software sales consultancy for startups and mature IT companies introducing new software products. Focus areas include quantum, cybersecurity, and mobility. It was founded in Texas in 2006 by industry veteran Simon Hartley. Today, it focuses on the Washington DC, MD, and VA area from where it covers local, US, and global government and enterprise accounts.
  • Expert in scaling emerging technology in regulated markets in the US and 100+ global markets.
  • Experienced in successful startup and Fortune 100 enterprise software management, sales, and marketing.
  • Past end customers include DoD, FBI, Morgan, PayPal, Epic, ManorCare, Bosch, Lear, Chevron, and EDF.
Professional affiliations include AFCEA, the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, ATARC, the Advanced Technology Academic Research Center, FBI InfraGard, MACH37 Cyber Accelerator, and SAE, the Society of Automotive Engineers.

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Simon Hartley TNN DC Speaker SAE Simon Hartley TNN DC SAE Presenter
Cybersecurity for Commercial VehiclesCybersecurity for Entrepreneurs
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