“Opportunities in life come by creation and not by chance.”

About The Noble New Inc.
The Noble New Inc. is an enterprise software sales consultancy for startups and mature IT companies. It was founded in Texas in 2006 by industry veteran Simon Hartley and today focuses on the Washington DC metro area.
  • Expert in scaling emerging technology in highly regulated markets.
  • Experienced in startup and Fortune 100 enterprise software management, sales, and marketing.
  • Subject matter expert in cybersecurity, mobility, and IoT.
Founder Simon Hartley
Simon Hartley at WeWork
Simon Hartley is leading the introduction of the altOS mobile security platform and lightweight desktop replacement for the US government with CIS Mobile. He also worked with Apple and Samsung in hardening their platforms to meet the needs of the US Government marketplace. He is a speaker, writer, and investor in cybersecurity, advisor to the MACH37 Cyber Accelerator, and the Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC).

Previously, he was VP and Co-Founder of the startup RunSafe Security, VP at the startup Kaprica Security (exited to Samsung), and Director Worldwide Sales & Marketing at Thursby Software (exited to Identiv). Simon began his career in nuclear software engineering between England and France. He then held executive roles at HP, Red Hat, Capgemini, a leveraged hedge fund, and a Dot-Com.

Professionally, he has sought always to balance people, process, and technology. Personally, he has had a lifelong interest in learning, meditation, and the martial arts. Simon is a cleared US citizen and holds BSc, MS, and MBA degrees from the University of Manchester, Manchester, England, and University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP) and Baltimore (UMB), Maryland, United States.

Certified Ethical Hacker CISSP Certificaton CISM Certiification CIPP/US Certification
  • “I have been captivated by innovation since first setting eyes on a computer in grade school. I love growing new business, communication, and teamwork with customers, colleagues, partners, investors, and the community. My strengths are problem solving, analysis, and constant learning in the highly dynamic markets around emerging technologies.”
  • "Prospecting for gold isn't about furiously digging everywhere and anywhere, it's narrowing in and testing in likely sites in surface reefs or panning in riverbeds. For a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), this translates to a laser focus on which problem are you solving for which customer in which vertical and then showing that they are willing to pay for it rather than doing nothing (inertia) or going with a competitor or substitute solution.”
  • “Studying Physics at Manchester University, England, was a great foundation for analyzing complex problems and leveraging quantitative tools. Manchester is where Rolls met Royce, the atom was split, and the first programmable computer was built. It is the creative capital of the UK, home to countless musical movements, and two famous soccer teams.”